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Effective DS4 control objectives are imperative in proper and efficient recovery of IT systems within an organization besides ensuring continuity of business operations. Establishment and subsequent implementation of some DS4 control objectives by Brady, Martz and Associates was…
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DS4 DS4 Effective DS4 control objectives are imperative in proper and efficient recovery of IT systems within an organization besides ensuring continuity of business operations. Establishment and subsequent implementation of some DS4 control objectives by Brady, Martz and Associates was authoritative in attainment of resumption procedures and realization of business continuity. Consequently, the paper investigates DS4 control objectives implemented effectively or partially by the organization.
DS4.1 remains imperative in ensuring consistent IT governance through establishment of efficient recovery and contingency plans. Brady, Martz and Associates implemented DS4.1 control objective when established various satellite offices as subsidiary to the main office. The regional offices provided a disaster recovery and contingency plans for the organization that lost a larger percentage of its imperative data. Moreover, relating employees to data management including backing files for payroll was authoritative in attainment of continuity framework (Phelan & Hayes, 2003, p. 57).
DS4.2 control objectives aims at minimizing a potential IT disruption occurrence such as data damage experienced by Brady, Martz and Associates. Storage of major files in company hard disks was crucial in reducing the disaster effects. Besides, timely and effective communication with various organizations employees assisted in disaster preparedness and initiation of data recovery process as the employees could easily retrieve their stored information.
Though the company managed to keep prioritized information relating to employees’ payroll and taxation data within hard disks and amongst other employees, it was not sufficient. Consequently, they partly practiced the DS4.3 control objectives by failing to back up all the primary information relating to employees.
The company did not practice DS4.4 control objectives adequately as their IT maintenance standards remained below amicable contingency levels. The company should initiate recovery changes and communicate such plans with employees adequately to enable expeditious recovery.
Regular testing of implemented IT governance plans is imperative in attainment of proper recovery plans. Therefore, the company effectively implemented DS4.5 control objectives by monitoring and reviewing the backup files stored by employees. Nonetheless, the company lacked an effective and abrupt recovery plan as evident from the enormous data lost during the recovery.
Brady, Martz and Associates firm failed to implement DS4.6 effectively. The company ought to have initiated and accomplished regular disaster management steps within the organization. Awareness of employees in managing various uncertain disasters is domineering in attainment of crucial continuity plans.
Brady, Martz and Associates effectively practiced the DS4.7 control objectives relating to distribution strategy. Distribution of imperative organizations data relating to employees within the subsidiary offices assisted improving their accessibility after occurrence of the disaster. Besides, enabling employees to store specific personalized information helped in retrieving the most vital data for continuity plans.
Effective implementation of DS4.8 control objectives including activation of strategic communication, storage files, and logistics process was authoritative in the resumption plans. The organization’s resumption plans within IT servers that entailed hard disk storage recovery effective communication assisted in rejuvenating the company’s recovery success.
The company effectively implemented DS4.9 control objectives that require proper storage of backup files. The company stored specific recovery data in its three branched offices. In addition, the company activated a system where employees stored specific data that were subsequently helpful in resumption process. Moreover, enabling data storage in the organization’s hard disks assisted in recovery of the most imperative files that enabled continuity of the organization.
Besides the aforementioned control objectives, the company failed to establish amicable post-resumptive review processes. Such processes remain imperative in realization of preventive future occurrences. Consequently, Brady, Martz and Associates should establish amicable continuity plans aimed at effective IT governance.
Phelan, S. and Hayes, M. 2003. "Before the Deluge - and After," Journal of Accountancy (April): 57-66. Read More
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