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IT Security - Essay Example

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The Managing Director (MD) of CBC Corporation commissions ESS to analyse the security needs within the company, CBC Corporation. As such, ESS has to undertake a security analysis of the company, such as identifying the…
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IT Security
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Download file to see previous pages A sneak peek into the operations of the CBC Corporation provides that the company has over one thousand employees who are on full time employment. As such, the company admits 1000 persons into the company on a daily basis that can be a source of threat to the operations of the company, especially on its IT security systems. In addition, the company also has a vast array of Information Systems, which include about 600 UNIX workstations, 600 terminal emulators, 1000 PCs running Windows, 300 external client dial-in systems, as well as 100 hundred authorised at-home dial-in systems. Of the 1000 members of staff, 160 of them are full-time staff members of the Information technology department. This consists of about 16% of the company’s total workforce team.
As such, it so appears that the company has to protect its assets, as well as sensitive information from theft of all kinds, be it leakage, internal operators of the company, as well as external perpetrators keen on acquiring illegally the company’s assets and information. Therefore, the work cut out for ESS is to evaluate the state of security at the company and suggest possible solutions to the arising threats.
The company may end up losing its assets as well as critical information to thieves, or leaking out confidential information to the wrong hands because of its poor security network. An overview of the company’s security system provides that it is tantamount to a number of threats, both external as well as internal owing to the inappropriate security measures put in place by the management of the company. The following provides some of the most important threats that the company needs to attend to immediately. It also categorizes the physical assets that the company needs to put security for against thieves.
The main assets of the company include 600 UNIX workstations, 600 terminal emulators, 1000 PCs running Windows, 300 external client dial-in systems, as well as 100 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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