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Experience of Strategically Managing the BSG Online Game Company - Term Paper Example

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The present term paper "Experience of Strategically Managing the BSG Online Game Company" deals with the sitting at the helm of Company H. As the author puts it, it was a nice interesting experience and other times complicated to handle the team of the company during all those years. …
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Experience of Strategically Managing the BSG Online Game Company
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Extract of sample "Experience of Strategically Managing the BSG Online Game Company"

Download file to see previous pages Over the fourteen years, I had the biggest challenge and responsibility of making strategic decisions each year to enhance sustained profitability in addition to expanding the company niche in the market. Among other areas where strategic decisions were necessary included branded production and distribution decisions, corporate social responsibility, plant capacity, sales forecasts, marketing, and other promotional activity decisions, private label operations, endorsement of celebrities, and most importantly, financial decisions (Goldratt, 1997, p. 63). At the end of each year over the fourteen years, four features served as the yardstick applied by the board to evaluate my performance. They included Earnings per share, credit rating, return on equity, and image rating. To me, it was clear that the operational performance of the company directly influenced these four significant performance measures. Therefore, it was my responsibility to oversee the effective running of all operational activities within company H.
Assessment of the PESTEL gives insights of company H currently, a position achieved under my guidance. This analysis will allow a proper understanding of various factors within the macro environment that influence the daily operations of the company. The relevance of evaluating PESTEL is that it brings forth a bigger picture of the environment within which Company H operates as well as opportunities and threats occurring within the same macro environment. Knowledge of the external environment within which the company runs business helps the management on behalf of the company take advantage of opportunities availing themselves and cut down threats posed by external factors. I understood clearly the five force structures, which turned out important elements in responding to the analysis of the industry. Five forces is a significant framework that managers, as well as Chief Executives, can use to assess the industry within which the company they oversee falls. This becomes important during the process of developing a successful business strategy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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