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First, the report identifies that there is a problem in handling of data in architectural engineering companies (Gudnason & Scherer, 2012). That is the core reason for…
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Evaluating my course project
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Evaluating My Project Insert Insert My project in architectural engineering database meets the primary objectives of approaches in databases. First, the report identifies that there is a problem in handling of data in architectural engineering companies (Gudnason & Scherer, 2012). That is the core reason for establishing the database, and the report seeks to answer it by developing a database that will facilitate handling of data in these companies.
The report then follows on to establish a design for the database (Morris, 2014). The data model is made up of the physical and the logical design. Further, there are parameters especially in the physical storage that are important in developing the model using a data definition language. That is what is used to create the database.
The creation of the database structure consisted of establishing the number of tables, the fields to use and the records of those tables. The three tables are a result of a thorough normalization process to minimize redundancies of information. It included going through the first normal form, the second and the third form of normalization (Morris, 2014). I then created an entity relationship diagram to map the type of relationships in the architectural engineering database. The implementation stage also included coming up with data dictionaries for the three tables.
I also examined the relationships critically to ensure that there is the consistency of information especially on similar fields in different tables. These connections are important in restricting redundancies.
Figure 1. Relationships between the tables: projects, customers & employees. There is a one-to-many relationship between the customer table and the projects table.
Further, I went on to look at the queries that will allow the users to retrieve information from the database that meets particular conditions. The questions included joining information from more than one table and grouping the data based on specific criteria (Keogh, 2007). For instance, grouping of projects according to the customers.
The subsequent sections of the report examined the errors the architectural engineering database is likely to encounter such as read data and multiplicity update problem. In addition, it also includes a section covering the best practices for building and implementing the database (Morris, 2014). These are standard procedures already acceptable in the market. The final stage is the conclusion that states the use of Microsoft Access as the relational database of choice. It further states that a database requires maintenance after designing and its implementation.
Coronel, C., & Morris, S. (2014). Database Systems: Design, implementation, and management (11th Ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
Keogh, J. (2007). The unofficial guide to Microsoft Office Access 2007. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Pub. Read More
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