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The management should effectively communicate its goals and objectives to avoid the stakeholders’ perception that the management is keeping…
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Perception vs Reality
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Avoiding Unnecessary Perception affiliations Avoiding Unnecessary Perception The relevance of stakeholder analysis: Conducting a hybrid stakeholder analysis ensures that open lines of communication are maintained. The management should effectively communicate its goals and objectives to avoid the stakeholders’ perception that the management is keeping information away from them. The management should ensure that relevant information is provided. The management needs to blend stakeholders’ success factors and keep a list of their requirements to achieve this efficiency (Jackson, 2012). The management should work with key stakeholders to overcome underlying challenges. Stakeholders need to be informed of the prevalent circumstances irrespective of the nature of the information (Jackson, 2012). Communicating challenges and successes eliminates the negative perception from the stakeholders.
Always maintain strict resource observance: Stakeholders are continuously interested in the resources and confusions arise whenever the project management is not strict as it should be. Anything that seeks to deduct from the resources or affects the distribution of resources should be well documented. There are no little requirements in the management of resources, and that perception should be avoided at all cost. The resource management team should communicate to the stakeholders on the efficient utilization of resources and the documentation requirement to access resources emphasized (Jackson, 2012). The project manager is responsible for the management of the resources and decisions made by the other levels of management should be inclusive.
Quality supersedes quantity. Resources should be effectively and efficiently used and allocated accordingly to achieve better performance. In any project, stakeholders desire to have it completed quickly and inexpensively (Jackson, 2012). Perceptions of the management of how the outcome can be quickly achieved arise from executives making unrealistic promises to the stakeholders. In most cases the project has to give to receive; completing projects quickly and inexpensively results to low quality projects. Time for all the projects is a limited resource that should be carefully considered. The stakeholders need to realize that more resources need to be utilized to achieve quick results (Jackson, 2012).
Jackson, M. B. (2012). Perception vs. reality. PM Network. Read More
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