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Writing has always remained an imperative aspect of human societies. From the Stone Age until today, humans have used the writing tool to evolve in this world. From stones to leaves, and from typewriters to today’s modern technologies, writing tools have evolved significantly. …
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Microsoft Word
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PART II: Essay
Writing has always remained an imperative aspect of human societies. From the Stone Age until today, humans have used the writing tool to evolve in this world. From stones to leaves, and from typewriters to today’s modern technologies, writing tools have evolved significantly. Earlier, people had to make efforts to write something but now with the advent of word processing software, writing something is now at the stroke of fingertips, especially software like Microsoft Word that has now made it easier to create documents as well as add graphics to make it look attractive.
Particularly, Microsoft Word is word processing software that allows the users to create and modify different types of documents with the help of keyboard and mouse. With a click on the program icon, the Word program starts and shows program window to the user, which has various parts to facilitate users in creating documents easily and effectively. For instance, the very first button on top left of program is Microsoft Office button (Gookin, 2013) that then has several sub options, such as buttons for creating a new document, opening an existing document, saving and printing, as well as closing the document.
The program window has some of these buttons in the ‘Quick Access Toolbar’ that is always beside the earlier button, and which allows the users to do the same tasks within a click with the help of shortcuts. Another important part of program window is ‘Title Bar’ that shows name of the document. There are various other ‘Tabs’ in modern versions of Microsoft Word, such as ‘Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, and View’ (Gookin, 2013) that help the users in performing various tasks as per requirements. The program window also shows status in the form of page numbers, number of words, language, as well as Zoom percentage at the bottom of the document that is also a useful bar in the window. Another important part of the window is ‘Ruler’ that always helps the reader in seeing the real measurements on which the document will be printed, which is a very helpful part of the Word software.
Creating documents in the Word software is as easy as eating a cake. The program automatically creates a new unsaved document whenever the user starts the program titled automatically as Document1. In this way, a user can easily start a new document. On the other hand, if the program is already open and user wants to start a new document, the user can click at the blank page icon on the ‘Quick Access Toolbar’ (Gookin, 2013) that will start a new document, and the Office button also has the option of creating a new document. Similar to starting the document, saving a document is also very easy in Microsoft Word software. The users can click the ‘floppy disk icon’ (Gookin, 2013) available on the ‘Quick Access Toolbar’ to save a document or ‘save’ and ‘save as’ buttons are also available under the Office button. Clicking the save button will always open a dialog box that will allow the user to choose saving location, as well as file name for future reference.
Selecting text in the program is very easy, which can be done by dragging a mouse over the text, as well as by using ‘Shift’ button and arrows to select the text for formatting purpose that is easier to do with the help of Mini toolbar (Gookin, 2013). The mini toolbar has various shortcuts that allows the users to format text’s font, size, shape as in bold, italic, and underlined, as well as color and background of the text. The toolbar also has options to change text alignment, as well as add bullets or numerical lists in the document along with the option of sorting the text alphabetically.
Lastly, Microsoft Word has several ready-made templates based on types that a user can select to create a document. For instance, some of the types of templates are labels, books, cards, certificates, flyers, letterheads, memos, reports, statements, etc. Finally, the Word program has a scrollbar on right side of the window that helps the user to view and navigate the document while making use of Zoom tools to look at things closely or away as per the requirement. All in all, Word processing software is an essential and important software that has made writing and document creation easier, as it was never before.
Gookin, D. (2013). Word 2013 for Dummies. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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