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The Importance of Setting Course Goals and Learning Objectives - Assignment Example

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An author of the present assignment seeks to describe certain techniques of effective learning encouragement among students. Additionally, the writer will outline the course syllabus for introduction to the business program as well as for business communications…
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The Importance of Setting Course Goals and Learning Objectives
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Setting Course Goals and Learning Objectives"

Download file to see previous pages Setting goals and objectives for instructional processes are like shaping the destiny of the students. However, one major prerequisite is that the goals are rationale and achievable. Lousy and unattainable goals can be de-motivating as well as leading to lousy output from students.
Teachers need to set objectives and review their instructional methodology to have a clear idea of where to lead the students. One of the factors which are not attended to most frequently while setting goals is student assessment. If instructional goals are too specific it might hinder their learning and compel students to ask again and again and hence spoon fed. When students have personalized learning objectives they might as well reciprocate and try their best to achieve them.
As mentioned earlier, goals must be achievable. When students see such a goal they are likely to take it up as a challenge. This might include stretching old limits but since the reward or the sense of accomplishment is strong, students try their best to achieve it. When they know their effort or hard work would not go to waste, and rather it will be appreciated.
If the teacher evaluates and measures each student’s progress quantitatively, students reciprocate it with the greater improvement the next time as the evaluation is now “measurable”. A huge amount of autonomy can be bad for students. Similarly, a lot of dependencies can be even worse and students then simply follow instructions. And an “instruct-follow” cycle forms which can also be termed as spoon feeding yields less or absolutely no reciprocal as it is not mutual because the student is simply following the instructions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Importance of Setting Course Goals and Learning Objectives Assignment.
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