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The system performs the tasks of receiving member contributions on a monthly basis and recording them in a database. It also does the…
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Download file to see previous pages the Micron Software solves the situation by creating an interface through which the users of the system can maintain data for accountability, integrity, reliability, transparency and foe easy audit (Leffingwell 2000, p. 28). The system will therefore solve the challenges with paper based operations and produce fast tracking of reports in a customized manner. It will reduce or possibly eliminate the cases of data loss and mismanagement.
The system to be developed in this project is expected to be interactive in accepting and processing the user input data, and generating output in form of dialogues and reports. The system has to be easy to study so that the clients, operators and users can learn it easily. Even without user guide or progress documentation, the system requirements have to be clear and comprehensive. There have to be consistency in the system functions such that it performs all the action indicated. For example, if the button is indicated as “Close”, then it has to close the current form.
The system is expected to accept data input from the user, perform financial operations and then generate an output from the product and the data kept in its historical database. The system also must do data validation during the input to ensure that each field accepts the right form of data. For example, the field for date should not accept any form of data apart from date.
The system has minimum requirement of features and hardware properties which limits its development for example, the size of the memory available, the speed of the processor and the size of the hard disk. The constraints can be caused by failure to meet the basic requirements of the development environment. Other constraints arise from information policy, system response times, and system interfacing with other related application software, the capacity of the networks and compliance issues. The minimum requirement of memory size for example is a RAM of 2GB and hard drive of 500GB.
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