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THe Marketing Plan - Essay Example

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MARKET PLAN FOR VENUS SOFTWARE COMPANY Table of contents Background 4 General Objectives 4 Specific Objectives 4 TargetMarket. 5 Current marketing objectives 5 Weakness 7 Threats 7 Marketing Mix 8 Fig 1; product life cycle. 10 Figure 2; Annual sales for Venus software Company in Millions of dollars…
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THe Marketing Plan
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Download file to see previous pages The company’s major challenge is to develop means of increasing the profits and revenue without altering the demands of their customers and meeting their demands effectively. A SWOT analysis of the company’s strengths and weakness and external opportunities and threats has formed the basis of this marketing plan. This plan focuses on the company’s strategic growth plan, suggest ways to improve profits and revenues and enhance customer relationship through delivery of quality service to the customers to ensure continuity of the business. It also focuses on strategies of developing new products and marketing the products to different market niches that will provide increased sales to the company. Background Venus Software Company came into existence five years ago. It began as a small business that supported the development of Small and Micro Enterprises systems that enable easy management of business. Apparently, it is corporate software development organization. That develops systems for medium and large organizations. For the past five years, the organization has undergone evolution to a marketer of quality and customized made software products that supports all organizations. Sales have gradually grown in the past five years allowing the organization to work on its expansion mechanisms to meet its growing number of customers. The organization is also committed to giving back to the community by undertaking the social responsibilities. General Objectives The overall objective is to produce a marketing plan that would meet the explicitly defined organizations requirements, adhere to recognized standards and be within the organization budgetary and time constraints. Specific Objectives To analyze on the methods and techniques of marketing. To develop a time plan that meets the organization demands and is within the budget. To document all the finding in the development of the marketing plan. TargetMarket. The organization focuses on keeping its commitment to the provision of service and quality products to its customers. This has enabled the organization to develop and implement a differentiation strategy that enable it produce products that is different from the competitors, thus allowing it to have a competitive advantage over a diverse market. Through this differentiation, the organization has been able gain greater annual returns that have enabled it to develop to its current state. The targeted market includes small and medium size enterprises that deal with both manufacturers and retailers. Its biggest revenue earner is software that helps businesses keep track of the records of tractions between the small business, manufacturers and retailers for efficacy. The system has a robust database keep track of all transactions, provide notices in cases of bad and incomplete transactions. It also provides reports to the businesses thus enabling them to under their business. It also provides a means of communication between the trading parties, in cases of shortage of supplies. Current marketing objectives Venus Software Company relies on current customers and potential customer. They give phone call to the potential customers and provide prototype to the customers for demonstration. Once the customer accepts, then specification from the customer obtained and the software customized according to the customer requirements. The customized product is then shipped to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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THe Marketing Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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