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System analysis and systems design phases and tasks refer to the process of carefully examining the situation of a business with an intention of improving it. The improvement can be achieved through the application of proper procedures and methods. A business analyst is…
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Module 1 Case
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Module Computer Sciences and Information Technology al Affiliation The differences between the system analysis and system design phases and tasks
System analysis and systems design phases and tasks refer to the process of carefully examining the situation of a business with an intention of improving it. The improvement can be achieved through the application of proper procedures and methods. A business analyst is responsible for carrying out an assessment of the business model.
There are quite a number of differences between business analysis and business design phases and tasks they are;
Business analysis is the process that involves gathering and also interpreting facts, the diagnosis of problems, and use of the information to suggest improvements on the system.
The analyst is mainly concerned with discovering and finding facts. System design and phases, on the other hand, involves the process of developing a plan for a new business, complementing and replacing or improving on an existing one (Kaza & Asadullah, 2005).
The analysis specifies on how to accomplish a certain objective in the business system while systems design phases and tasks specify what exactly should be done by the system.
The analysis phase comes first, and it is chiefly concerned with requirement gathering, and that is directly related to business opportunities and needs. It provides the direction for the systems design to follow in achieving the goal of the business. Design, on the other hand, has its primary concern in the construction of the system physically.Its phases and tasks are focused on the aspect of a business model (Abramovici & Stark, 2013).
The accountability of a business analyst with respect to information technology projects
With respect to information technology, a business analyst is usually dealing with issues concerning the development of software or enhancement issue. He does this to resolve various problems that are associated with processes and also functions that exist within an organization. Software development is one of the fields that continue to grow rapidly despite the fact that economic development is slowing down. The Business Analyst may that find his or her profession is in very high demand, as the firms incorporate various functions in order to employ adequate technology to cut down cost (Hoffman, Frederick & Schwartz, 2013).
Some of the most common tasks for business analysts in the information technology projects may include, but not limited to the technical requirements,
software evaluation,
communications requirements,
documentation, system
design, quality assurance,
system implementation,
feasibility studies, and
training of the staff and also personnel.
There are some cases in the system development life-cycle (SDLC) may be needed. The role of the business analyst is imperative, therefore, user acceptance testing (UAT) methodologies are essential tools on that are on the road to ensure that there is project completion.
The most important key to the success of a business analyst is the ability to treat internal departments, stakeholders and vendors as equity partners that are in a team with the main focus being on ensuring that the project on information technology is completed.
One should have a vision of the present situation that a project is primarily designed to solve and the outcomes that the stakeholders are expecting. The major challenge for the business analyst is to try and resolve the problem that exists between the current status quo and also the outcome that is expected. This is seen as the main area that the business analyst is needed to do a lot of his work (, 2015).

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