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The article "The Media: Teenagers Friend or Foe?" was written by Bertoli Adrianna and published in the Press Democrat on 30th September 2008.The major argument that the author of this article advances is that the media, especially television is a bad influence to teenagers…
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Teenagers and modern social media
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, teenagers, parents, television producers and social media managers among others can read this article and obtain insightful knowledge. The author ensures to be as persuasive as possible so that the audience can be convinced. Mainly, the author uses facts and a combination of inference and observation to persuade the audience. For instance, the author condemns television stations for airing programmes that show teenagers drinking and using drugs as well as making some celebrity figures famous for partying, instead of focusing on celebrity role models such as Angelina Jolie (2). This is more convincing to the audience because they can relate to it and thus read the hypocrisy of the media in wanting the best for teenagers.
The author uses the third person point of view. This brings about the notion that the author is well informed on the role of the media in the lives of teenagers. The author is quite disappointed by the media, especially television, thus holds a negative attitude towards them. For instance, she notes that the media is only interested in making profit and does not care whether it influences teenagers positively or negatively. In this article, the author does not include other people’s views. Additionally, she does not hold opposing views, as she only believes that the media is out to “destroy” the morals of teenagers and wash away what their parents taught them.
The author does not use unfair arguments. However, her argument should have included the role of parents as well as the teenagers themselves in choosing what is morally right. When teenagers decide to watch only insightful programs, they will reduce the negative influence that the media will have on them. The author employs logos in persuading the audience through reason. She reasons out how the media is negatively influencing teenagers and proposes the best ways the media should act.
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