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As a result of this roughly around 80 million users had their privacy breached and other forms of network damages incurred. The overall debacle was in display for over twenty days.
Experian, a joint associate of…
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Top security breaches: The digital world is a fragile domain with regard to security breaches. Time and again it sees various breaches. The followingare top ten breaches that took place in last decade or so.
Sony PSN Hack 2011:
This took place in April 2011 in Sony Play station gaming console. As a result of this roughly around 80 million users had their privacy breached and other forms of network damages incurred. The overall debacle was in display for over twenty days.
Court Venture:
Experian, a joint associate of Venture came in the line of fire when it got coaxed into dealing with a Vietnam based service company and eventually leading to damages of security information. The net costs resulted in over 200 million users’ data being compromised (McCarthy, 2014). is a hub to common Chinese social networking users. The website suffered a breach on account of privacy and led to the users data, information and accounts being accessed. The total amount of users who got affected amounted to over 40 million users.
Heartland Payment system:
Heartland payment system is based on credit cards services. This breach took place in 2008 and resulted in a net breach of over approximately 130 million users credit cards being breached. It took place after internal breach and installation of software that resulted in access to internal sources.
Zappos breach:
This breach led to over 20 million users being put on line with potential threat of data infiltration. Zappos is a subsidiary of Amazon. The event took place in 2012.
Other similar breaches that took place in the recent past include those of Sega, Stratfor,Blizzard and Yahoo Japan to name a few.
McCarthy, N. (2014, August 26). Chart: The Biggest Data Breaches in U.S. History. Retrieved from Forbes: Read More
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