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The Management of Corporate Security (Name) (Institution) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction Corporations are incorporated bodies that consist of tremendously large number of shareholders, and in which the actual ownership of the entity can be transferred any moment without the approval of other shareholders…
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The Management of Corporate Security (To what extent is it important that security managers have a good understanding of the lat
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Download file to see previous pages In order for a corporate protection to be effective, there has to be an excellent perceptive of the matters that are taking place in the civilization. The company has to be responsive of the surroundings and what is taking place in the general public (McCrie 2006). This paper is going to analyze the extend of understanding that security managers have to go in the latest politics, economy, society, technology, ecology and legal (P.E.S.T.E.L) trends and developments that shall be seen as important for the corporate security. Cybercrimes Many reports have come out in the recent news that computer has now been a target in committing crimes. These are the kinds of crime that put in use a computer and a network where there are several computers interlinked with one another (Santanam, Sethumadhavan and   Virendra 2011). These offences are committed against individuals and in most cases against groups like the corporations. It is always the responsibility of any corporation to make sure that the security and close functioning of all the company’s affairs are well overseen. This is in terms of the continuity, safety and the most importantly the security (Santanam, Sethumadhavan and   Virendra 2011). These crimes threaten the security of these companies and also their finances. The issues that are found in this mode of crime are like cracking, copyright infringement et cetera. For the corporations, governments and other non-state bodies that engage in these illegal actions, they always engage in espionage, financial theft and some other cross-border crimes (Santanam, Sethumadhavan and   Virendra 2011). According to Santanam, Sethumadhavan and Virendra (2011), in today’s world, things are much connected than before. For a corporation to be able to engage in its deals and make much profit it needs to have a reliable communication channel with the outside world. This raises the risks of falling into theft, fraud and other abuses that are committed in the cyber world where almost all communications are handled (Santanam, Sethumadhavan and   Virendra 2011). Therefore, there is crucial importance in understanding the different areas in society like politics and economy at a broader view because as the management of this corporation is becoming more and more reliant on the latest technologies, there is also becoming extremely vulnerable to the cyber attacks. Corporate security breaches These occur when the hackers exploit the employees through means of some social engineering and other scams (Cubbage and Brooks 2012). Since late eighties, computer crimes that have been politically motivated have been growing rapidly. These kinds of threats arise from the states and individuals or certain groups that are tired in some political agendas. These is clearly depicted or demonstrated as in 2007 cyber attacks against Estonia (Cubbage and Brooks 2012). There were enormous disruptions to the public services like banking services and some communicating services. The United Kingdom is one of the developed nations that depend on its own information infrastructure, as one mode of delivering world power both in the financial realm and political arena. The threat was realized in the year 2008, and it did not only center on the secrets of the state but also to the commercial and economic interests (Cubbage and Brooks 2012). Owing to these, companies like those that deal with finance, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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