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Its application finds usage in domains ranging from documentary to political talk shows, to cartoons to film industry to sports entertainment. They have brought about a revolution in the manner in…
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Multimedia in entertainment
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Multimedia in entertainment: The modern day entertainment industry is largely dominated by multimedia usage. Its application finds usage in domains ranging from documentary to political talk shows, to cartoons to film industry to sports entertainment. They have brought about a revolution in the manner in which the entertainment industry is functioning (A.P.Godse and D.A.Godse,p. 10).
The animated movies industry makes up for a large part of Hollywood customers viewing in the 21st century. The 3-D animation based movies are a prime example. Pixar, Disney are few of the examples in this regard(Lusted,p. 19).
Apart from the animation industry as a whole, there are applications and software that are used in the entertainment industry. The Photo shoot software that are largely used in the fashion industry to add and edit the views, content, background of a photo all are examples of usage of multimedia in the entertainment industry. Adobe Photo shop is one prime example in this category that finds its usage in both domestic usage as well as commercial advertisement and fashion industry (Sidhu and Singh,p. 65). There are large number of video editing software available online as well which also brighten the multimedia field of entertainment.
In the sports discipline all the international sporting activities find the usage of multimedia and graphics. Football for example displays the screens presenting the stats, graphs, digital animations. The other sporting fields also make use of similar multimedia techniques. The gaming consoles and the other online apps introduced are another example of multimedia usage in the entertainment industry.
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