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His shortest depiction of this word is an individual opinion on too many developments taking place in a short duration. Whereas the world has continuously…
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Thought Piece
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Future shock Future shock, as defined by Alvin Toffler in his book, is a mental of people and the entire socialstructure. His shortest depiction of this word is an individual opinion on too many developments taking place in a short duration. Whereas the world has continuously experienced modification, the rate at which it is developing is speeding up. There is a concern about this rapid change and how it brings about future shock in individuals. The need to continually become accustomed to the fluctuating situations may lead to feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, burnout, depression, despair and helplessness. Due to the overwhelming attempt by individuals to be at par with the developments that happen as technology progresses fast, individuals may develop future shock. Toffler considers that the future shock is an unavoidable, inevitable consequence of ancient forces.
However, he claims that we can shield ourselves from its most horrible effects with an amalgamation of technological control, education deconstruction, and psychological engineering. According to Toffler, (4), the solution to future shock is not non-alteration, but a diverse type of alteration. The foremost recommendation for coping with these alterations is to admit that different people will deal with the changes in dissimilar ways and at altered rates and have the public deliver contradictory levels of public services set to individual requirements. Individuals who may adjust, but require help to do so, might be engaged in half-way curriculums where the degree of change is cautiously measured or less tremendously, be part of situational provision groups upon which they can share their worries with other individuals going through similar modification related stress. In more fundamental cases, Toffler proposes that crisis therapy professionals and programs might be required to take care of life changes and events. Nevertheless, for individuals incapable of adapting to technological and social change, he suggests the formation of the territories of the past which are no-change, future-free, encapsulated zones subsidized by the public at large.
Additionally, Toffler explains how education can assist to deal with the problem. He says that the education system should be evolved to focus mainly on preparing students on how to cope with the rapid changes occurring all over the globe. He advocates the replacement of old-fashioned schools which are outdated with a combination of future-orientated, independent study and computer-based instruction apprenticeship programs. He discusses the formation of de-homogenized and decentralized educational system governed by independent community assemblies and driven by the fluctuating requirements of the society rather than the old-fashioned principles of a liberal education. Moreover, he asserts that the ecological, psychological and economic costs of modernization need to be measured. Panels should be formed comprising of behavioral scientists who will be clearing and reviewing new technologies prior to its release to the society. These scientists will be buoyed by technology regulators, which are agencies of the public charged with acting and investigating on grievances of the reckless use of technology. He categorically finishes by stating that for future shock to be barred completely, technological advancements should be tamed.
Work cited
Toffler, Alvin. “Alvin Toffler and The Third Wave.” The Masters Forum. N.p., 2009. Web. Read More
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Thought Piece Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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