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It is as a result of a statement due to a structured query language. They contain fields and records the way it is in a standard table, but the source is an original table existing in a real…
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What is SQL View
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Structured Query Language Insert Insert Discuss how SQL views are created, altered, and dropped, and then present the potential benefits of using an SQL view to manipulate your data.
A view is a resultant table that can be said to be virtual (Moris, February 4, 2014). It is as a result of a statement due to a structured query language. They contain fields and records the way it is in a standard table, but the source is an original table existing in a real database. In creating, altering and dropping a view I will consider students table contained in the school database.
Creating view
CREATE VIEW [students Above Average mark] AS
SELECT student_name, math_score
FROM students
WHERE math_score > (SELECT AVG (math_score) FROM students)
To query the above view, use the following
SELECT *FROM [students Above Average mark]
Updating a view
To update a view means that we are either replacing or creating a view (Rockoff, 2010). Considering the students table we want to add the class field to the current list of students.
CREATE VIEW [Current Student List] As
SELECT student_id, student_name, class
FROM students
WHERE Discontinued = No
Dropping a view
Dropping a view means deleting the view from the system, and the DROP VIEW will be used to complete the process successfully. For Instance to delete the current student list view, the syntax is shown below.
DROP VIEW [Current Student List]
The benefits of using an SQL view to manipulate my data are many. They involve the user choosing the data they need and offers an incredible platform for users to interact with the system. Also, DML has a variety of flavors and proficiencies among the vendors of the databases (Whitehorn & Marklyn, 2007). It also has the capability of changing whatever data is in the database.
Moris, C. C. (February 4, 2014). Database Systems: Design, Implementation & Management (11th Ed.). Cengage Learning.
Rockoff, L. (2010). The language of SQL. Australia: Course Technology PTR/Cengage Learning.
Whitehorn, M., & Marklyn, B. (2007). Inside relational databases with examples in Access. [New York]: Springer. Read More
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