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Data virtualization seeks to provide consumers of data with an access interface that encapsulates the location, the structure of the storage and the technology used in the storage. It abstracts the entire technical details of storing the data.
The association between data…
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Association between data virtualization and SQL Joins
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Data Virtualization and SQL Insert Insert Data virtualization seeks to provide consumers of data with an access interface that encapsulates the location, the structure of the storage and the technology used in the storage. It abstracts the entire technical details of storing the data.
The association between data virtualization and SQL is in the use of the query language in implementing the latter concept (Corbin, Fuller, Jansen & McPherson, 2013). Data virtualization model is made up of entities and relationships. The entities mainly consist of the tables. The query language establishes measures, and shows data between the tables by setting up a join among them. Queries also analyze the services in the server.
SQL is also used to come up with logical views that have significantly reduced the need for extra data stores thus avoid data replication and consolidation (Santana, 2014). It makes operations flexible and agile.
Through query optimization, the query engine in the servers can deliver information when needed. Algorithms have made it possible and efficient enough not to affect the performance of the system? More so, it is possible to synchronize data from multiple locations and sources.
The number of tables in data virtualization is more and in different locations or computers. Data integration technology allows viewing data from various sources. There is also a need for queries to analyze these data and produce finer details that will be vital to the institution thus the need for more detailed tables.
Corbin, K., Fuller, R., Jansen, D., & McPherson, M. (2013). NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching. Indianapolis: Cisco Press.
Santana, G. (2014). Data center virtualization fundamentals. Indianapolis, IN: Cisco Press. Read More
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