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These classes consist of the owner, the group, and the other. For each users, individuals can use read, write, and execute. Any attempt to access the file via the user requires permission. Since directories are…
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CIS206 Research Assigment
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Configuration of user groups in UNIX are based on hierarchy es. These es consist of the owner, the group, and the other. For each users, individuals can use read, write, and execute. Any attempt to access the file via the user requires permission. Since directories are not used in same way as traditional file system, the permissions for working on these are different. As a matter of fact, the execute command is needed on a directory to access the files within. Directories are just file systems. To read the names of files in a directory using read(),users cannot list the contents of the directory but can access files.
The shell is a crucial element to UNIX in development as stated earlier and allows users to change directories. Since UNIX is not a simple drag and drop, it can take some adaptive learning to get used to it. An attempt to list the directories or change the directory depends on user permissions. Windows has taken a traditional approach to this. For instance, cd is utilized to change directory. Dtpad is the command to create file within the UNIX system, but is only grated with execute privileges. Execute permission doesnt apply to directories. Some user attempts to read a file with some UNIX command such as cat. On the other hand, shell script files are needed to execute permission only will not run.
Toigo, J. W. (2004). A database fix for the file system. Network Computing, 15(23), 67. Retrieved
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CIS206 Research Assigment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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