Appendix :A PESTEL evaluation for Intel - Essay Example

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However, competition in regulation is very low. Consumer protection and international trade laws are major concerns for Intel. Underdeveloped countries provide a better opportunity for…
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Appendix :A PESTEL evaluation for Intel
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School/College PESTEL EVALUATION OF INTEL By Your’s PESTEL EVALUATION OF INTEL Political, economical, social and technological analysis shows that how Intel Company has been affected by the external factors to manage its development.
Political Factor:
Major considerations in the semiconductor industry are the individual and corporate taxes. However, competition in regulation is very low. Consumer protection and international trade laws are major concerns for Intel. Underdeveloped countries provide a better opportunity for Intel to grow there through lending and helping these countries for development.
Economical Factor:
During the recession period, demand of latest Intel product decreased in many countries of the world. Companies with cheaper prices challenged the economic growth of Intel and considerable portion of consumers shifted towards the brands of other companies. Countries like China, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Vietnam are major targets of Intel Company to provide affordable products to customers.
Social Factors:
Cultural and demographic influences are of key importance for company’ progress. Workforce of Intel is a good resource of company. Literate and technology skilled employees have been always hired by company. Low cost labor from China is main asset of company. Intel is an international working company and keeps the consideration of social factors in other region like India and Pakistan.
Technological Factors:
Hooley (2008) described that technological factors impacted markets, products, competitors and suppliers. Technology also improves the manufacturing processes of the company. Cost barriers can be eliminated through technological use. Intel can utilize new technology advancement for development of new chips.
Environmental Factors:
Environment friendly business requires the proper waste management ways through reduction in Carbon Dioxide. Increase in the global warming results into climate changes. Intel has a major concern of minimizing the emission of Carbon Dioxide from computer products (Essa, 2015).
Legal Factors:
Trademark rights, competition rules, international laws and product quality are major legal concerns of Intel. Intel has been charged by European Union by using the illegal procedure in race of its competitor AMD (Jones, 2010).
Essa A. (2015). Intel Corporation: The Curious Case of the SoFIA MID, Available from Accessed on 03-03-2015
Hooley G., Nicoolaud B., and Piercy F.N. (2011). Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning, London. Prentice Hall.
Jones P. (2010). American antitrust jurisprudence applied to European commission v. Intel, International Law & Management Review, 7, 52-69. Read More
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