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The first generation of digital rights management aimed at controlling copying whereas the second generation scheme of DRM focused on…
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DRM: the basic framework and its motivation
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DRM: the basic framework and its motivation By An ideal digital rights management system should beflexible and transparent to the user as well as being complex for the attackers to crack. The first generation of digital rights management aimed at controlling copying whereas the second generation scheme of DRM focused on controlling copying, viewing, altering, printing and anything else that can be done with digital content. A DRM approach operates on 3 levels; managing the distribution of that copyrighted content, creating a copyright for a portion of content and protecting what a user can do with that content (Lim & Lee, 2013).
Advances in technology and increased utilization of the internet have raised the need for mechanisms that can help control and protect the interests of digital media authors (Aweh & Chiemeke, 2014). This was mainly because of widespread migration from analogues and hard materials to digital media as well as exposure to attackers or pirates who take advantages of the struggles made by digital material owners to make financial gains. The advent of home computer machines coupled with digital media recorder and recordable digital media for the user or consumer has increased the spree for digital media exploits (Mishra & Mukhopadhyay, 2014).
Materials like sophisticated DVD/ CD rippers, DeCSS and internet P2P sites has made it easier to spread digital materials hence booming piracy. Piracy has impacted negatively on the efforts of digital media producers. The result has pushed software industries, film and movie catalysts to put pressure on the governments to create stringent laws that will protect intellectual property as well as their rights for loyalties and compensation on their work. Digital rights management is therefore politically motivated and several states have come up with strict laws aimed at copyright protection. However, the move has not been fully successful in controlling piracy (Hunter, 2006).
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