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The eventual events leading to Sony Pictures attack is a controversial issue that raises a few questions with relation to the security of the data and information available in each firm. One would deduce some things in a bid to ensure that such a detrimental issues does not…
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"Sony Pictures hacked by Russian blackhats, it now emerges
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Sony pictures attack The eventual events leading to Sony Pictures attack is a controversial issue that raises a few questions with relation to the security of the data and information available in each firm. One would deduce some things in a bid to ensure that such a detrimental issues does not occur again. First, the company should be keen in the way it handles informational security due to the rampant cases of cyber security. Security is a blend of detection, response and protection. A company require prevention to defend against attacks on low focus and make the aimed attack difficult. Companies require highly sensitive detectors to spot the attackers who get through their private information. The period to begin is before the attack hits: Sony could have managed well its workers well (Qamar, np). Their systems ought to have been under scrutiny of any attacker to keep their data and other third party information private.
The worst private invasion in the Sony hack did not occur on to the stars or the executives, but the blameless workers who were used to daily sending and receiving of the system in the company. Consequently, they had their individual love lives, conversations, medical conditions, movie productions, and financial reports on exposure. The media may not have revealed the information but their relatives and colleagues peeked at it. Several personal tragedies unfolded during that period, all being an illustration of the compromised security systems.
Information vulnerability can occur to any organization. People should not either reveal their personal details such as intimate conversations on Facebook, text or email to the company. Furthermore, they should not unleash their financial statements to their retailers. It is crucial that every person should be aware of the various crimes that do exist in the internet, and hence respond appropriately to remain safe. Most significantly, the Sony case study was quite a learning experience to both organization and their employees.
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