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Analyse the political regime of Russia and its level of democracy by using the Varieties of democracy - Essay Example

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The program seeks to provide the first complete concept of global democratization comprising of seven key values and principles. These principals include the majoritarian, participatory, liberal, consensual,…
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Analyse the political regime of Russia and its level of democracy by using the Varieties of democracy
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Extract of sample "Analyse the political regime of Russia and its level of democracy by using the Varieties of democracy"

Download file to see previous pages They have executed these principles through several formal institutional measures and informal procedures and practices. Based on the seven verities principles, this essay will intellectualize and empirically analyze this variety within the established democracy of Russia.
Electoral Democracy is the foundation on which most of the other conceptions build; the electoral principle of democracy identified with the elite, competition and contestation. Minimal Schumpeterian or realist democracy is the idea that democracy is attained through tough competition among leader groups, which contest for approval from the electorates. Elections and parties form the core part of the procedural account of the process. In most cases, it involves an active media, civil liberties, an independent judiciary and a written constitution among others (Joshi, 2012). The populace within the country determine the individuals that govern them, or have the ability and right to vote. However, on numerous occasions, such democracies are only so by name; real political opposition may be lacking
Currently, the electoral democracy of Russia is facing limited success. The judicial system is highly influenced by the elite and rich in society. The electoral process has lost potential and as a result, the elections have damaged party organizations, which is the biggest problem to attaining electoral democracy. Recent studies have proved that the ability of parties to engage the public on critical issues is faced with limited success. Recent evidence indicates that under the current structure, proximity to elections decelerates the party-building progress. Most coalitions amongst parties do not agree on economic, political and cultural issues salient to the electorate. In addition, with this election system as in the earlier systems, voters are confronted with an entirely revised political ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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