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The Russian Heartland Revisited - Book Report/Review Example

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The author of this book report "The Russian Heartland Revisited" touches upon the developed nations, as well as developing ones, that are currently finding themselves faced with challenges of sustainable development and are concentrating on how to resolve such issues. …
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The Russian Heartland Revisited
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Extract of sample "The Russian Heartland Revisited"

Download file to see previous pages These authors have conducted research devoted to sustainable development. In this particular book, they have represented a spectrum of inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches with regard to economy, ecology and the environment (Isham 67). The book discusses sustainable development as well as the future of society and the environment. Following the report by the World Commission on Environment and Development, the authors have questioned whether there is a special Swedish touch to promoting sustainable development in the society (Trevish 90).
Geography and the general physical environment are considered to be the important factors determining the way people live their lives (Ioffe, Nefedova, and Zaslavsky 130). Given the size, Russia is a preferable example for geographical studies due to its size, natural resources and variety of the physical environment. The country is also a rather harsh and complex environment where lives of Russians are determined by this particular factor, especially where agricultural activity is concerned. In 1897, many Russian citizens resided in the rural areas where they traditionally depended on agriculture (Isham 69). By 2002, an estimated 38.3 million individuals lived in the Russian countryside. The author of A New Russian Heartland: The Demographic and Economic Dimension, Andrei Trevish (2005), has investigated the impact Russia’s recent economic as well as demographic crises have had on the effective occupation of its national territory (Spulber 14). According to this particular author, effective national territory refers to the major part of Russia that produces a surplus consistently, in relation to its population and which is considered making the most contributions in supporting the country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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