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The support activities, happen after the system starts to function. It is important for a modern organization to have and support information systems…
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Implementation and Support Activities
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Implementation and Support Activities al Affiliation) Implementation and support activities are involved during project planning and occur before the implementation of the system. The support activities, happen after the system starts to function. It is important for a modern organization to have and support information systems. This is because the support activities ensure that the users of the system and the system itself are functioning properly to produce effective and efficient work. Furthermore, well-managed systems provide personnel with an easy task of ensuring the achievement of the objectives of an organization. Therefore, organizations should have a budget for supporting and maintaining the systems that they have. Implementation activities are complex and interdependent as it involves the coordination of many people and tasks. The people involved perform implementation activities in programming and testing. It is risky as more time and resources are required while developing implementation activities (Satzinger, Jackson, & Burd 2010).
The components used in software should minimize the use of recourse usage and maximize the testing of the system as well as to correct errors. Moreover, when implementing a change, the user, or the technical team need to know what parts need a replacement and ensure the resources required to implement the changes are secured (Yao, 2010). The design schedule and implementation activities need consideration and finally, the development of the testing plan for the changed system. In addition, implementation activities take place on a copy of the system that is operational. There is the production system that used on a daily basis, the test system that modifies the test changes. On the other hand, it is difficult to manage implementation, as activities should occur in a sequenced manner through monitoring the process.
After the system is up and running, the user needs to be trained on using the new system. User support includes a help desk, a department that provides support to the end user. Help desks have employees who are trained to operate and install software’s. They also assist with any problems or questions that the user might have. Online documentation is built into an application and its main purpose is to provide the user with useful information that they can use whenever they need it. The technical team is a function within the IT department that offers maintenance services whenever needed. Additionally, system enhancement and maintenance activities ensure that there is proper functioning and the efficiency is high. Support systems require many resources, therefore; they should be implemented in a cost effective and proper way (Pankake, 2013).
Once a system has been completed and tested, it needs installation. Installation is a complex process that requires capital, customer relations and general exposure to the risks. Some of requirements for consideration include the costs that are required in operating the systems, finding and correcting the mistakes in the new system and training personnel and making clients aware of the new procedure (Satzinger, Jackson, & Burd, 2010). Finally, the problem occurs when personnel must use both the old and the new system.
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Implementation and Support Activities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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