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Edirectory has traditionally utilized service location protocol (SLP) and service advertising protocol (SAP) to advertise and search for network services. Such protocols are known as service discovery protocol and are a class of network applications that permit distributed…
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EDirectory Protocols
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Edirectory protocols By Edirectory has traditionally utilized service location protocol (SLP) and service advertising protocol (SAP) to advertise and search for network services. Such protocols are known as service discovery protocol and are a class of network applications that permit distributed components to use and find needed services available in the network. Domain name system (DNS) was added in the edirectory 8.7.1 as a discovery protocol. The domain name system is a type of edirectory discovery protocol that enables the user to locate and translate internet domain names into internet protocol addresses (Lawton, 2007). It is often easy to remember and a meaningful handle for an internet address.
Since maintaining a central list of IP address/ domain name correspondence would be impractical, the list of IP addresses and Domain names are distributed in hierarchy of authority within the internet. There may be existence of a DNS server available in a closer geographical proximity to the access provider which maps the domain names in the user’s internet request or directs them to other servers. Because of the distributed and the open design of DNS, and its utilization of the user Datagram protocol, domain name system is vulnerable to different forms of attacks. Public domain name system is often at risk, since they are unable to restrict incoming packets to a set of IP addresses (Weber, 2007).
Service location protocol is another edirectory protocol which allows location and organization of resources such as disk drives, printers, databases, schedulers and directories within a network. The protocol gives users a simpler interface to a network’s resource information. The protocol oversees and defines operations and communications that take place among the user agents, directory agents and service agents (Zaki, Ngadi & Razak, 2013). Maintenance of service and rearrangement and installation of new devices is easier without the need for configuring the work stations of an individual. Despite the service location protocol being simple to implement, it fails to specify anything concerning service creation and does not direct the user on how to utilize it.
A service advertising protocol (SAP) is an internetwork packet exchange (IPX) protocol component designed to remove and add services in an edirectory system. It allows network services such as gateway servers, prints or files to register information in the tables within the servers. The internet packet exchange services are then broadcasted across a network and sub networks. However, SAP depends on the internet packet exchange device collaboration. The associated service is removed if the server fails (Kallinikos, 2009).
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