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Tremendous changes in processes associated with different businesses has resulted in various processes becoming computerized and as a result, phrases such as Business Process Management as well as Business Process Reengineering were developed. In most cases, these technical…
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IT and Strategic Systems
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Topic: IT and Strategic Systems BPR and BPM concepts Tremendous changes in processes associated with different businesses has resulted in various processes becoming computerized and as a result, phrases such as Business Process Management as well as Business Process Reengineering were developed. In most cases, these technical terms are confused and people look at them as being the same or substituting each other (Tomkowicz, 2007). However, these two processes complement each other and cannot be considered as substituting each other, since they predominantly lead towards the addition of value in a company. It is imperative to note that when BPR takes place, various aspects including the vision and goals of the organization may be redesigned and redeveloped.
Hence, the deep changes that are experienced at various organizations may be uncomfortable in some instances and pose a lot of threats to the company. Conversely, BPM is considered as being extremely flexible in nature as it mainly emphasizes on one or more processes at a specific time through automating them in order to ensure they become simpler (Tomkowicz, 2007). In essence, this process is not risky or costly to execute. The two processes are associated with various advantages as well as shortcomings, for instance, BPM greatly contributes to the satisfaction of the customers through immediately addressing it while the BPR is concerned with studying the processes in the organization from the beginning and eliminating the processes that may act as hurdles to the growth of the company. In the event that these processes become extremely slow and the desired outcomes cannot be achieved, BPR is employed to make the processes smoother.
 Tomkowicz, T. (2007). Modeling as a mechanism to align Business Process Management with
Enterprise Architecture: an analysis from the Financial Services Industry. München:
GRIN Verlag GmbH. Read More
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IT and Strategic Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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