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My goal is to introduce myself, and tell you about Placer Hills Real Estate. We can offer you attention and services that are unmatched by other real estate companies.
I am also a Whitney Hills…
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Guided project
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Teacher February 2, Mr. Rick Hermann 9035 Masi Drive Fair Oaks CA 95528 Dear Sir, I noticed today that your current home listing inFair Oaks has recently expired. My goal is to introduce myself, and tell you about Placer Hills Real Estate. We can offer you attention and services that are unmatched by other real estate companies.
I am also a Whitney Hills resident, and I primarily work in this area with buyers and sellers. As a matter of fact, I have shown your beautiful home to potential buyers. There was a lot of detail and thought put into your home. Your home has many unique features and upgrades making it an excellent value among homes currently on the market in this price range.
The service and experience I can offer, when helping you with your selling needs, is unmatched. Working together with you, I am confident that we can analyze your present and future goals, and help you obtain them. If you are curious as to the type of activity that has been occurring in your area, or you would like to discuss your needs and goals, I would be more than happy to come by and talk with you.
Gaining your trust and confidence for the building of a solid relationship for the future is my first priority. Feel free to call me to set up an appointment if you would like a unique perspective for marketing your home from someone with thorough knowledge and experience with homes in youre neighborhood. I look forward to talking with you soon.
Best regards
Emma Cavalli
Relator consultant
Placer Hills Real Estate Read More
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Guided Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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