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The Trusted Computing Group, with the intention of providing safety for organizational data, started the company. The company is for this reason in…
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Trusted computing and TPM-enhanced software
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TRUSTED PLATFORM MODULE ENHANCED SOFTWARE al Affiliation TPM-enhanced software plays an important role in safeguarding sensitive information and data of major companies and institutions. The Trusted Computing Group, with the intention of providing safety for organizational data, started the company. The company is for this reason in possession of ample data that must be safeguarded from any form of leakage or damage. In my opinion, the organization has played a significant role in ensuring the security of data and information belonging to major companies (Kim, 2009, p. 5). However, there exist numerous flaws and limitations associated with the organization, making it less efficient. Trusted Platform Module is not entirely competent in safeguarding computer systems from the associated threats in the modern world.
Trusted Platform Module enhanced software entails securing the software part of a computer device, such as the generation of cryptographic keys. It ensures that the systems software is safe and convenient for use. Another software aspect is the random number generator, which eases the use of computer programs. The software of any computerized device is readily usable, easing the operation of the systems. TPM-enhanced software enables binding, which is the encryption of data using a bind key. It is from the storage key that the bind key arises. The TPM-enhanced software also allows sealing, which is the encryption of data, similar to binding.
Operating on such a scale creates room for significant limitations and backlashes. The associated limitations result in major failures in the software of the computer system, which to my opinion is the cause of system failure. Numerous accusations exist, resulting in lack of trust in the system. Some of the associated failures include the accusation by Cambridge’s Ross Anderson that Trusted Computing is anticompetitive in its quest of locking users in the enforcement of DRM (Kim, 2009, p. 6).
In my opinion, the invasion of privacy is among the failures of the system, for this reason limiting the success of Trusted Platform Module enhanced software as a system security platform for computer software. I believe that the scheme has not been able to safeguard computer software safely, without having to affect the user’s usage of the machine. Privacy invasion affects the user’s trust in the system since he or she has to remain watchful as they use their computerized systems.
The TPM- enhanced software entails integrity measurement, reporting, and storage. The company, therefore, has access to the user’s whereabouts and intentions. Third parties can also access the users’ private information in the case of leakage. The system does not provide a guarantee over such cases of leakage, for this reason limiting the efficiency of the TPM-enhanced software. The system is also in control of the user’s browsing habits and most proffered websites.
As depicted in the paper, Trusted Computing has significant limitations despite its significance. The system has played a critical role as an important computer software systems. However, the accessibility of a user’s personal information is hazardous in case of leakage. The system does not account for such losses and leakages. For the betterment of the system, there must be an account of prevention measures in case of information leakage. Trusted Platform Module enhanced software must also ensure that it does not invade the user’s private information. It will help in maximizing the trust of its users to the system. Without such elaborate measures, the organization may lack to satisfy the demand of the clients fully. Despite these significant limitations, Trusted Platform Module enhanced software has played a significant role in ensuring the safety of computer software systems for all of its users.
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Kim, R., 2009. Trusted Platform Module and Privacy: Promises and Limitations. Auckland: University of Auckland.
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