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Wobby Wheels Distribution Company IT strategic plan implementation by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) should consider different levels in the administration to ensure smooth governance. Carol, the current CIO should bring a revolution in the company owing to her previous…
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IT Strategic Plan for Wobbly Wheels Distribution Company Wobby Wheels Distribution Company IT strategic plan implementation by the Chief InformationOfficer (CIO) should consider different levels in the administration to ensure smooth governance. Carol, the current CIO should bring a revolution in the company owing to her previous experience in IT governance in the neighboring company. For a smooth IT governance process in the company, Carol should put into consideration administrators in the finance department, freight section, the management section and the overall IT team that she leads. The governing body will consist a member from each of the departments in the company and a training on how to use and implement the IT programs should be facilitated by Carol and her team. The methodology for IT governance in the company should be through data sharing with all the relevant departments who consist of the governing body.
The responsibilities of the governance body include inspection of data available through the IT systems, suggesting news ways or areas that need IT programs and ensure the program runs smoothly. Carol will need the support of each and every member of the governing body to ensure that the IT strategic plan works out as expected. The prioritization of the IT projects should be guided by market demands, customer retention and competition. Carol and her team should explore the new IT approaches used by their competitors and implement them in the company in a better way. Tracking should be the first IT project to be implemented, following by a Mobile APP that enables customers to pay for services at the comfort of their homes. Read More
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IFSM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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