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In the current speedy and constantly advancing technological world, the use of high quality software systems has always been a subject of great concern. Software developers and other computer science professionals are fighting tooth and nail to ensure that they come up with…
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IT Project management
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Uniplus Implementation in Academic s In the current speedy and constantly advancing technological world, theuse of high quality software systems has always been a subject of great concern. Software developers and other computer science professionals are fighting tooth and nail to ensure that they come up with products, which present the best set of operational features to the targeted group of users. In this regard, this paper aims at performing a thorough analysis of a completed real time Information Technology (IT) project via an account of a product called Uniplus.
Uniplus is one of the globally recognized IT intensive products. It is software designed by a company called Uniplus and has been of great significance to the day-to-day operations of most academic institutions. To be precise, Uniplus entails a set of well-integrated software components, which facilitate efficient management of university information. It is divided into three main user access levels, which include student portal, staff portal and top management portal. According to research, Uniplus has specifically been developed to enhance management of University data, which is for a number of top institutions in Africa such as Egerton University.
Uniplus has been of great significance particularly in promoting the business need of many institutions. For instance, at Egerton University, Uniplus was regarded as a very crucial tool for ensuring that the University efficiently managing its revenues. As a result of its use, the university attained higher fee collection since it introduced self-service for students and improved access to information.
Financially, the system is needed to ensure that all the institution’s financial data is protected from any unauthorized access. This is a very crucial requirement in maintaining the financial stability of any business organization. The system has also been considered to be of great significance in ensuring the integrity of student performance data.
As aforementioned earlier, Uniplus has been of great significance in the day-to-day operations of a University. The development of this project at Egerton University had been scheduled to be conducted within a period of six months. It is important to acknowledge that Uniplus Company was very successful in ensuring that it delivered the project within the allocated time frame. In general, Uniplus, which is an integrated University management system, was finished on schedule (Petrides 60).
A significant number of key stakeholders were involved in the development of this project. The top one is the project sponsor, which is the University’s vice chancellor. Secondly, it is the project manager. The project manager is the head of the software development team from Uniplus. Lastly but certainly not the least, is the whole of team assigned the task of developing the project. These include requirements gathering specialists, systems analyst and designer and software engineers all of whom came from Uniplus Company (Petrides 102).
The development of Uniplus System was considered as an outstanding success at the Institution. In essence, the project was to enhance the efficiency of the company’s financial and student performance data. Since it was delivered within schedule, it further played a huge role in promoting the achievement of the targeted business goals in that financial year.
It is important to acknowledge that a significant number of development features make this project noteworthy to other project managers. The most important thing in this project is the fact it was delivered within time. This was achieved as a result of a proper coordination and organization of the entire team that was involved in the production of the software. It is hereby essential that other project managers put the need of delivery the project within the planned project schedule (Petrides 88).
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Petrides, Lisa A. Case Studies on Information Technology in Higher Education: Implications for Policy and Practice. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Pub, 2000. Internet resource. Read More
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