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The paper 'Data Type Taxonomy for Information Visualization' focuses on Ben Shneiderman who gives important insight into the design of a new graphical user interface for surfing and finding items/ objects. Information seeking becomes easier when it is represented in graphical formats…
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Data Type Taxonomy for Information Visualization
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The report is hugely important for the graphic user to the interface because it considerably facilitates in simplifying search and information retrieval through a huge database of information. In advancing technology, information visualization has emerged as a vital element of real-time inventory and information retrieval. The myriad data type taxonomy offers a huge scope of information seeking in ways that can contribute to the faster development of the nations by making information retrieval easier by the masses. The perceptual ability of human is a major enabler of understanding the complex process which needs to be exploited by graphic designers. Using information visualization through a graphic representation of static and dynamic data would indeed, go a long way in helping technology expedite the advancement of the human race. Shneiderman’s mantra for evolving information search through a graphic representation of data type taxonomy would help to develop an effective graphic user interface for twenty-first-century search engines. Read More
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