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The main aspect the article is aimed on is the cybersecurity and taking this issue more deeply, we can underline intention of the writer – why so many computers within the constant progress of the security, are hacked and number of such computer are constantly increasing. The…
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s Paper’s Cybersecurity issues The main aspect the article is aimed on is the cybersecurity and taking this issue more deeply, we can underline intention of the writer – why so many computers within the constant progress of the security, are hacked and number of such computer are constantly increasing. The main reason for this is paradoxical, the more antivirus and other defensive application are more developed, the more ways for hackers to hack it, because, very developed structures requires tons of code, and in all these bytes hackers can easily find drawback and use it for their sake. (Garfinkel) Moreover, developers have no idea about the cybersecurity; therefore they can leave holes in the application to exploit them with the malicious application. We should underline also the fact that even companies themselves use hackers for “strengthening” their defenses and in the result they teach hackers to override the sophisticated securities. Hacking became more popular within the last decade when the internet became wide-spread when all computers have united in the huge net, where hackers can easily reach victim with the money or with the needed information. Particularly, banks’ structures are open for the hackers’ connection within the idea that users can use internet to fulfill their bank needs. And hackers can do so too, however without the permission of the banks’ staff. It means that in the most cases it is people who create, produce or develop the security means and application are cause to the increasing troubles with the security. Even people who defend computers themselves can help hackers to reach the target; we all know the Iran’s case when the hackers have reached the isolated from the internet computers.
Works cited
Garfinkel, Simson. "Increased Attention to Cybersecurity Has Not Resulted in Improved
Cybersecurity." The Cybersecurity. Print. Read More
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Summarize an Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
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