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Cyber attack refers to an act of exploitation that is deliberately done by a person to either the computer systems or to the networks of those enterprises that solely depend on the technology use. Those responsible for the Cyber attacks acts uses codes that are maliciously…
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Cyber Attacks and Politics from a technological and security perspectives
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Download file to see previous pages The act of cyber attack is commonly known as the computer network attack (CNA).
Politics encompasses the manner in which a nation or political entity is being governed. The term is primarily concerned with the controlling and the administration of the internal and the external affairs of that particular entity. In addition, this term is also applicable in other institutions such as religious or academic with regards to how authority and power is exercised within them and the tactics as well as the methods applied in the formulation and application of policies for the organization. This paper will focus on establishing the cyber attacks acts and politics from either the technological or security point of view.
The government of all nations should put in place effective cyber security measures. These should be specifically aimed at detecting and combating all acts of cyber attacks, especially cyber terrorism. This can be done by governments allotting adequate funds to the relevant entities such as the ministry of defense to enable it counter attacks such acts.
Cyber security deals with the protection of information and information systems against the significant threats that global computer networks face. Some of these threats include cyber terrorism, cyber espionage and cyber warfare (Czosseck & Geers, 2009). These threats are mainly targeted towards the political, infrastructure and military assets of the nation or at other time people within it. Cyber security is a highly critical issue that nation’s government should enact appropriate strategies of security to handle (Macaulay, 2009). For instance, the federal government of the United State embarked on allotting more than $ 13 billion each year from the year 2010 to cater for the Cyber security.
The reason why governments should be concerned with the issue of cyber security with regards to terrorism is because terrorists groups use the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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