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Rogue Access Point Network Security - Term Paper Example

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In the daily operations of organizations, firms are exposed to various vulnerabilities, particularly as a result of the engagement of activities through a network. In most occasions, firms have been known to use wide area and local area networks for communication purposes…
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Rogue Access Point Network Security Paper
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Download file to see previous pages This implies that it is essential to determine the vulnerabilities that are associated with an organization’s control system networks through the seeking of understanding into operations and communication types that could be concomitant to the system. In this study, the main concern was the understanding of ways by which organizations network securities can be exposed to any form of network dangers, and the assessment of the security requirements and approach needed to fully comprehend and address the weaknesses of the network system’s access points.
Consequently, the completion of this project is aimed at enabling the student to gain relevant practical knowledge on the aspects of network security requirements of an organization that are needed to harden the access points and prevent known network vulnerabilities. This shall be done with the core point of reference being the rogue access points (APs).
A rogue access point refers to a wireless access point mounted on a safe network without explicitly receiving authorization form the administrator of the local network. In another sense, the rogue access points may be created by hackers in the process of trying to gain access to the system’s components through the conduct of man-in-the-middle attacks. Rogue access points, whether wireless or otherwise have often posed great security threats to an organization. Considering that if the rogue access points are of the first kind, then the organization will be deemed to lose in the sense that due to its large employee capacity, anyone with a right of entry to the premises would have the capacity to maliciously or non-maliciously install inexpensive wireless routers that could be used to potentially allow for the access of secure networks of the organization to unauthorized locations/parties.
If the rogue access point is of a second kind, then the target would be the organization’s network that don’t engage the client-server and server-client relationship ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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