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I chose Razer as the company of choice in this assignment. Razer is one of the best gaming hardware companies, and provides best quality gaming hardware to its consumers in Asia, Europe, and all across the United States. Razer not only includes technology in its hardware in…
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Your full December 7, Razer Company I chose Razer as the company of choice in this assignment. Razer is one of the best gaming hardware companies, and provides best quality gaming hardware to its consumers in Asia, Europe, and all across the United States. Razer not only includes technology in its hardware in the most refined way, but also validates the hardware from world’s famous gamers. These and other qualities of the company forced me to choose it. Another reason is that I am very interesting in gaming myself, which is why I chose a gaming company.
2. Information systems being implemented in the company are giving it a competitive advantage by way of their effectiveness and qualified staff. There is a proper database with back-end and front-end that stores all information regarding the gaming inventory, personnel, and customers.
3. To protect their information systems and data, Razer is implementing many important security measures. There are security architectures like AWS, GCE, Azure, and Rackspace. Web application firewalls, IDS/IPS, network security monitoring, and log management solutions are some of the few aspects of the information security systems implemented in Razer gaming solutions. Highly qualified personnel run the security systems. All of these information security measures ensure that the data remains secure and protected within the company, and that it does not get into the hands of unauthorized persons.
4. I would suggest creating a comprehensive technology plan which would include methodical replacement of aging workstations. The plan would include regular appraisal of emerging technologies. I would consider how the nature of the company is changing and at what pace, so as to make appropriate changes to the system. I would schedule periodic maintenance downtime to manage system updates and virus scans. I would also like to train the personnel according to the best international standards.
5. The company is marketing its gaming hardware and other gaming services through online social networks and online advertisements. The business process of marketing is being supported by this method. When people surf the internet or use online social networks to get connected to each other, they come across the advertisements placed by the company. This way, they get familiar with all the new gaming hardware that the company is providing. They can click on the advertisements and get to know which service is best for them and which gaming hardware they want to buy. The existing social media infrastructure stores all conversations on its social media files.
6. I would create such social media infrastructure that brings forward a singular view of the customer so that internal teams may be able to take immediate action based on the requirement. It will handle all social media profiles capturing all relevant conversations. It will integrate with existing infrastructure to enhance collaboration within groups and branches across the world. My suggested infrastructure will provide right information at right time to authorized persons. I would develop highly secure policies so that no unauthorized person gains access to the sensitive information, chats, messages and conversations stored in the social media files. Read More
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