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Agile that was first introduced allows organizations such as Microsoft to write code in which everything is clearly explained. Agile methodology allows organizations to harness growth,…
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Collaborative work in IDE development
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Collaborative work in an IT setting is crucial because of project management and Agile work. Agile that was first introduced allows organizations such as Microsoft to write code in which everything is clearly explained. Agile methodology allows organizations to harness growth, breed innovation, and define products that can be tangible and intuitive. One of the best elements of Agile is the fact that one can prototype. Prototyping allows Agile engineers to draft an idea in a constructive manner. Programmers are big on prototyping and developing this on code. As a Project Manager, adapting to changing request is a crucial factor that can be the pinnacle of the success or the failure of any given project. The programmers are able to mimic the code and ‘lingo’ of the code in a very easy manner which makes development much more feasible. Visual Studio IDE also takes the workload of coding much more feasible. Visual Studios allows around the functionality of drag and drop to be supplemented with actual coding. This is perfect for even new developers who can drag and drop and then code with objects. An IDE that is somewhat similar to it is Java Eclipse. It allows individuals to have open source coding that be beneficial. IDEs are greater because even non-programmers can see the notes instead of just CLI. Java again is open source, but C-sharp is easier to program. It does diminish the value of coding because the complexity to code itself becomes easier. However even with IDEs, the role of programmers and scope has never been reduced. With the recent advent of enhancements, visual IDEs can even transform GUI based projects using Agile methodology, gathering business requirements, creating workflows and wireframes. Imagine a wireframe that can converted into actual OOP. Microsoft Visual Studio IDE allows each sprint to have something testable and can be given to the client much quicker than waterfall.
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Collaborative Work in IDE Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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