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Python and Java are among these programming languages. Python is a server-side, high-level scripting language for mobile applications and websites. It is one of the fairly easy…
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How Will Computer Information System Fit Into Your Professional Life
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How Will Computer Information System Fit Into One’s Professional Life Computer programming languages There are many computer programming languages which perform different tasks for different industries. Python and Java are among these programming languages. Python is a server-side, high-level scripting language for mobile applications and websites. It is one of the fairly easy languages for beginners because of its compact syntax and readability. Developers use fewer code lines to express concepts that in other languages.
Python is best tasked with powering web applications for Pinterest, Django, Instagram, and Rdio via its associated web framework. It is widely used by Yahoo, Google, and NASA. Python provides constructs that allow clear programs on both large and small scale (Zelle, 2004). Python supports multiple programming paradigms such as object-oriented, functional and imperative programming or procedural styles. Interpreters of Python are available for installation in numerous operating systems. It can be packaged, using third-party tools such as Pyinstaller or Py2exe, into stand-alone executable programs for many popular operating systems (Zelle, 2004).
Java is an object-oriented, class-based programming language. It tops the list among the most demanded programming languages. It is standard for web-based content, enterprise software, Android operating system, mobile applications, and games. Java is designed to be used across multiple platforms of software (Van & Haridi, 2004). It is designed to have few dependency implementations. It is intended to allow app developers “write once, run anywhere. Java apps are categorically compiled to bytecode that can, regardless of computer architecture, run on any Java virtual machine. Some of the commonly used mobile programming languages besides Java and Python include C language, C++, C#, Objective-C, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, and SQL among others (Van & Haridi, 2004).
Mobile computing is continually changing life. Mobile solutions are today, part of many lives. From laptops to tablets, pagers to cell phones, technology continue to change daily lives and businesses. Some of the notable changes include paperless offices where people conduct business on the phone, read newspaper online, and even shop online. The world of music has also changed significantly, with many people reviewing, purchasing, streaming and downloading music instantly. Television shows, movies, and live programming can be accessed through mobile. Mobile video capabilities are also enabling people to capture moments (Bukhari & Kurylo, 2008).
Mobile computing has also changed communication forever. Through social media, community, notifications, location, status and ideology are telling everything about everyone. Mobile computing provides a platform to journalize people’s life via video, pictures, principles, and quotes. Traditional words have become short due to typing and texting. Mobile devices are translating languages real-time, and provide new ways to communicate (Bukhari & Kurylo, 2008).
Summarily, computer information systems fit professional life in many ways. The professional life of information workers increasingly relies on mobile computing devices to check emails, edit and author documents, as well as interact with enterprise apps. The world is becoming a global village through the use of technology. Life is changing, and computer information system is embraced in all activities ranging from interpersonal relations to business communications.
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