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Internet communication, wireless networking, mobile computing, and cloud computing are some of the trends shaping the computing and communication industry. All organizations are embracing such new technologies in a bid to enhance their performance and gain a competitive edge…
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Understanding Cryptography
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Download file to see previous pages Cryptography is somehow omnipresent going beyond the conventional environments such as banking systems, government communications among others (Christoff, 2009). Cryptography is now used in web browsers, cell phones, e-mail programs, embedded software, manufacturing systems, cars, medical plants, smart buildings among others (Christoff, 2009).
Therefore, designers and system users need to understand comprehensively the concept of cryptography and how it is applied in order to appreciate its effectiveness in securing wireless networks and communication.
According to Christoff (2009), cryptography is the study and practice of techniques for securing communication particularly in the presence of a third party (adversary). Essentially, cryptography is mainly concerned with the development and determining protocols that protect against the influence of third parties in communication and networking. It also analyzes protocols and mechanisms that are related to information security aspects including data integrity, confidentiality, non-repudiation and authentication (Paar & Pelzl, 2010). Over the years, various techniques similar to encryption have been used as cryptography. However, modern cryptography borrows from disciplines of computer science, mathematics and electrical engineering among others. Cryptography is predominantly used in computer passwords, e-commerce, and ATM cards. It employs several tools and techniques to implement the security needed for the various applications (Christoff, 2009).
OpenSSL is one of the tools of cryptography that implements the SSL and the TSS security protocols in the network (Viega, Messier, & Chendra, 2002). It is mainly used in many web servers to transmit packets in encrypted form rather than in plain readable text. Open SSL has a core library that is developed in C programming language and is used for the implementation of the basic cryptographic functions and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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