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Cryptology and Data Protection - Research Paper Example

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Cryptography is an art and science which practices hiding the meaning of messages employing logic to structure, strong encryption techniques (Rouse, 2015). Accomplishing solid encryption, the hiding of data denotation, needs instinctive bounds that permit creative use of…
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Cryptology and Data Protection
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Download file to see previous pages Some experts argue that cryptography emerged suddenly sometime after writing was discovered (Smith, 2015). With uses stretching from discreet communications to the war-duration combat plans, it is no surprise that new methods of cryptography appeared shortly after the extensive growth of computer communications. Telecommunications and data cryptography is essential when interacting over any unsecure channel, which comprises of almost all networks, especially the Internet (Zimmerman, 1994). This paper discusses the cryptography of information and the protection of data.
Within the framework of every application-to-application communication, there are certain definite security necessities, comprising: Authentication which is the process of confirming a user’s identification (Burgess, 2008). However, presently the internet primary forms of host-to-host authentication are address-based or name-based, which are very weak authentication. Confidentiality/Privacy is safeguarding that no unintended persons can receive the message apart from the projected recipient. Integrity is the state of guaranteeing the recipient that the intercepted message has not been changed in any manner from the original. Non-repudiation is the mechanism to verify that the correspondent really conducted the transaction of sending that particular message (Chandra, 2009).
Cryptography, not only safeguards data from hacking or modification, but can also be used for user identification. There are three forms of cryptographic structures in general normally employed to achieve these objectives. Namely: secret key also known as the symmetric cryptography, hash functions and public-key also known as asymmetric cryptography (Oecd, 2015). In all instances, the first unhidden data is identified as plain text. It is encoded into cipher text, which eventually is decoded into operational plain text (Pezaro, 2015).
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Cryptology and Data Protection Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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