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Information system security - Research Paper Example

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However, dazzling growth in IT has also been accompanied with the increasing risks such has unauthorized access to information, data tampering and…
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Information system security
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Download file to see previous pages The later sections of the discussion highlighted the security types focusing on the encryption and decryption aspects. The findings from the study revealed that effective information security system is crucial in terms of safeguarding the interests of an organization and ensuring its competitiveness and sustainability in the present competitive market scenario. It was ascertained that while creating ISS, it is crucial to consider the threat aspects so as to ensure the reliable and secure information system.
‘Information Security System (InfoSec)’, in technological terms can be describe as an interconnected security based system which specifically aims towards safeguarding the crucial digitized form of information from being unauthorized accessed by type of unreliable source or individual1. Such type of unreliable access might significantly hamper the stored digitized data in term of ‘disclosure’, ‘modification’, ‘crashing’ or even ‘disrupting’ it2. This concept of ‘Information Security System’ have gained significant amount of preference within the past few years3.
This is mostly because of the changing pattern of marketing trend and the competition level; industries are becoming more and more concerned regarding confinement of their organizational information to prevent the competitors from imitating it. Adding to that, due to the digitization and ecommerce related concepts, majority of the organizational based information are transformed into digitized form for effective storage and evaluation, which further increases the chances of online security issue occurrences4.
As a result, almost all organizations in the present scenario are establishing own security domains. The prime intention is to preserve the integrity as well as the information privacy factor. All these have gradually contributed in terms of bringing about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Information System Security Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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