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This essay "Computer Networks" concerns the computer applications that require connection-oriented service and include the remote login, file transfer and video on demand. It is stated that some of the examples of where the connectionless service is best to include the electronic transfer of money…
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Computer Networks
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Computer networks
Q1. Some of the computer applications that require connection oriented service include the remote login, file transfer and video on demand (Tanenbaum, Andrew, 13). Some of the examples of where the connectionless service is best include the electronic transfer of money, the verification of credit cards and most of remote database access.
Q2. The main reason for inventing the new abstract ID is because the process IDs is usually OS specific. This would make the protocols to become independent. The second reason for using the new abstract IDs is that one channel is capable of establishing multiple channels of communication. It is impossible to distinguish these channels when using the single process IDs (Tanenbaum, Andrew, 33)

Q4. This size of network design is because the network is suitable for medium organization. This make the size economical as a single router is capable of supporting several hosts (Tanenbaum, Andrew, 93). Communication in this size of a network is faster as the failure of one device does not affect the system. The system also makes it possible to use other connected devices such as printers.
Q5. The TPC is the personification of a transmission channel that is very reliable. It is used in end to end transmission purpose in the general internet architect. All the functionality of a network are required to take a simple of IP datagram release and major upon this control mode which helps in implementing flow control, reliability , sequencing , reliability and the manner in which data streaming is rooted with TCP(Tanenbaum, Andrew,103).
The TCP provides a channel of communication between different processes on every host system. The channel is usually very reliable and streaming. In order to achieve this functionality, the drivers in the TPC breaks up the running session DataStream into small segments and then attach them to the TCP header (Tanenbaum, Andrew, 112).
Work cited
Tanenbaum, Andrew S. Computer Networks. Boston: Pearson Education, 2011. Print. Read More
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