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Since its introduction, the standards of PCI-DSS has been altered and reformed at several instances, mostly on annual basis. Correspondingly, the latest…
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Data Communications and Networking
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The latest standard used in Payment Card Industry–Data Security Standard (PCI–DSS) is quite robust and comprehensive. Since its introduction, the standards of PCI-DSS has been altered and reformed at several instances, mostly on annual basis. Correspondingly, the latest version of PCI-DSS is 3.0, introduced in 2013 (PCI Security Standards Council LLC 1-9).
Near Field Communication is a technology, which is specially used in smart phones. Some standard mobile companies are using the NFC technology in developing products and for communicating the payment terminal directly to the customers. NFC is mainly known as contact less communication and is often valued as user friendly software since it reduces the risk factor of caring the cash, Debit and Credit Cards by making payment via phones. It is in this context that the retail industry mainly uses the PCI-DSS system incorporated with the NFC technology to increase the security value of the customers’ transactions (Times Internet Limited, “What is NFC and why is it in your phone?”).
Bring Your Own Devices (BOYD) or Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) is a strategy to sanction the staff members and undergraduates to use their technological devices. There are many organizations where a majority of employees are permitted to use their personal technical devices such as mobiles and laptops, which is an apparent example of the BYOT strategy. The benefits of using BYOT policy in the work place has proved very economic, creative in nature, as it helps to increase individual employee satisfaction. However, these policy measures also have its limitations and risks, identifiable in terms of diminished concentration of employees on work and wastage of productive hours within the organization. In order to mitigate this particular challenge, organizations must motivate employees intrinsically, whereby they will be able to align their personal goals with that of the organisation’s and use their own devices for the organizational benefit (Eschelbeck and Schwartzberg 1-7).
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Data Communications and Networking Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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