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The purpose of this study is to show how to determine the tasks performed by the project manager, the system expert, the system programmer, the technical manager, etc. The choice of criteria is entirely reliant on the user’s requirements in terms of system support. …
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System Development of Disscusion Questions
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Discussion Questions al Affiliation) Answer The members required in an IT system development project include the project manager, the system expert, the system programmer, the technical manager, the project coordinator and the user implementation expert. These are the people who participate in requirements definition (White, 2012).
Answer 2
During system development, the members interact with users so that they can improve the system. This is achieved through focus groups where the participants are asked questions ranging from, what features would you like incorporate into the new system? what areas do you think the system needs to be improved ? how can we improve user friendliness and usability of the study? what features would you like retained from the old system? (Kizza, 2014)
Answer 3
Some of the risks involved in a system request include reduced quality of the system (quality assurance), change implementation risks, requirement change feasibility and incorrect system requirements (Forouzan, 2007).
Choosing the appropriate UML modelling tool ensures the success of a software system and it’s very important to have the right criteria. Therefore, on what criteria should one select a UML modelling tool?
The choice of criteria is entirely reliant on the user’s requirements in terms of system support. A few requirements that have to be considered include:-
a. Code generation and model simulation tools
b. UML specification compliance support tools
c. Properties customization tools
d. UML semantics and notation support tools and
e. Inter-modelling UML tools (Forouzan,2007)
How can one determine the actors in a Use Case Study Diagram (UCD)?
The simplest way to do this is to determine the tasks performed by every actor. By doing so, actors are chosen in such a way that their behavior remains constant. In many cases, actors are comprised of humans, but in other cases, they consist of other systems as one’s system can interact with other systems such as a database system. In such an instance, choosing actors will based on their ability to function in such an interconnected system (Kizza, 2014).
Many users oftenly want to use different UML models in between modeling tools. How come it is not easy to apply multiple models of UML between tools of modelling?
The reasons are technical in nature and one of them is the fact that XML attempts to solve tasks that are more complicated than simply exchanging the models of UML. In most instances, a mechanism is usually provided that ensures the language exchange that is structured by the MOF (Met model Object Facility) (Kaminow, 2013).
The other reason is that the model does not have the required information to ensure a reliable communication network exchange among the modeling tools (White, 2012).
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