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Answer two questions - Personal Statement Example

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Most of the space bodies such as the moon are very far from the earth. Due to this distance, the earth satellites must be very strong, and the receiving satellites in space must be very sensitive in…
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Answer two questions
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Astronomy affiliation Astronomy Task 3 Satellites use the principle of receiving and resending signals to the earth. Most of the space bodies such as the moon are very far from the earth. Due to this distance, the earth satellites must be very strong, and the receiving satellites in space must be very sensitive in order to receive the weak signals and resend them back1. The distance between the space bodies has a high probability of distorting messages. However, the recent technologies in SETI are very effective in ensuring that messages are sent and received accurately.
Unlike the old passive satellites, the modern satellites utilize the technology of amplification of signals to make them stronger. Amplification of signals makes them stronger than they are received2. Recent technologies also enable the changing of radio frequency that minimizes confusion of signals. An earth station sends uplinks that are received by a satellite. The satellite in turn amplifies the signal and sends downlinks that reach the earth station with minimal interruption.
Positioning of the satellite and the quality of the receiver also determine if the distance between them will distort the signals. If two or more satellites are located near one another, there is a high chance that the signals being sent to the earth might intersect and send wrong signals. The electromagnetic spectrums through which waves are transmitted are sensitive to blockages by the landscape3. If there are any landscape features blocking the spectrum, the signals might be distorted. The quality of receivers determines the accuracy in which the signal is received and interpreted4.
In conclusion, distance affects the sending and receiving of signals. However, the modern technologies in signal transmission have overcome the issue. Use of amplification technology, sensitive receivers, and changing of wave frequency are solutions to overcoming the problems associated with distance.
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Answer Two Questions Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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