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Prepare a report for a small business whose owners are considring the introduction of a computer network - Coursework Example

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If they implement a LAN, John and his wife can be able to share software and printers. Jane will not have to depend on the printer in her office in her office. They will also have an easy time…
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Prepare a report for a small business whose owners are considring the introduction of a computer network
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Download file to see previous pages However, it should be noted that using LAN might have some disadvantage. As the business grows, it will be observed that the range in which LAN is applicable might hinder its effectiveness. This is because LAN connections are only capable of operating in a local area, which in most cases is within a single building. Essentially, this form of connection will only apply to a handful of clients. In most cases, LAN has always been observed to be slow thus inappropriate for a situation where a person wants to use it to enhance faster sharing of information, data, applications, and equipment. Thus, the speed of this network connection is an outstanding challenge.
There are a number of equipment’s that will be needed in order for John to set up the new network. He will need twisted wires fitted with RJ-45 plug at the end. A network switch will be important in transmission of data from one device to another in the office. They will also need Midspans and splitters, which will be important in enabling the network to support Power over Ethernet. Power over Ethernet enables a network to use the same cable used in data transfer in supplying power to devices. They will also need network adaptors for connecting devices to the network. Routers will be needed to enable connection to multiple devices.
The one advantage that the business can get by using a wireless network is that it encourages high levels of mobility (Columbus 2001, P. 123). This will specifically be important when Edward, the accountant comes to review their accounts. The business office will have a neater environment because there is no need for the many cables that are required for wired cables. However, as Fitzgerald & Dennis (2009) argue, a wireless network might be a little bit more costly because it requires more equipment. It is believed to be a relatively cheap network connection that requires minimal hassle in the process of setting up. The infrastructure used for this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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