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Inside Ericsson: A Framework for the Practice of Leading Global IT-Enabled Change - Assignment Example

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Many organizations have at one point, or the other tried a program that is IT based with a major cause for this being frequent evolution since the old age. Researches that…
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Inside Ericsson: A Framework for the Practice of Leading Global IT-Enabled Change
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Extract of sample "Inside Ericsson: A Framework for the Practice of Leading Global IT-Enabled Change"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the managerial staff involved in such projects treats IT as an entity on its own and hence it should be dealt with a specific group of people in the organization. The notion of treating IT as a single entity is wrong since it requires the participation of every individual in the organization in order to make it a success. The Ericsson telecommunication company is a good example of having spearheaded a successful IT program from the results gathered during the research (Iveroth pg.136-137).
The success of any IT program largely depends on a number of factors. First of all, one has to focus on the right choice of factors so that they can lead to remarkable equilibrium between the hard and soft elements of IT change. They are both important because they contribute to the basis of a successful change. Another factor to consider for enabling successful IT change is for the organization to find a familiar argument. This element is important since communication between the parties will not be hindered as they have a common goal and hence will work towards achieving it. The third and last important point to note is the issue of common interest. Interest is vital as all the individuals involved are more likely to do their best hence making it a success than when there are divergent interests in an organization (Iveroth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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