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We have been meeting twice or thrice per week depending on the issues we have to attend to. The members have been very cooperative as well as supportive. We respected each other and…
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Group Discussion Pocess
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Essay: Group Discussion Process Group Discussion Process My discussion group this semester comprised of 5 taking the same s as me. We have been meeting twice or thrice per week depending on the issues we have to attend to. The members have been very cooperative as well as supportive. We respected each other and everyone’s opinion mattered. Apparently, a group member would post an idea on the blackboard and one had to answer to one student of their choice to say whether you agree or not with what s/he has said. This online group discussion was simply amazing and I learnt more on this online group setting, than I have ever learnt while in the conventional classroom. This is basically because I got an opportunity to not only read about different views from various students but also to retain more as well as learn much better.
This was a unique group as compared to the others that I have attended before. For instance we would sometimes discuss ideas on online forum and at other times we would just leave our messages and wait for the other members’ response. I could also leave messages and later on find responses from the rest of the members. Sharing as well as free discussing of information was also a common feature of this group. This experience is definitely relevant to group work in organizations since we learnt and shared a lot as a group about team work .Thus, each member in a group was tasked with a certain responsibility to perform and given a timeline. This is something very important since it teaches an individual the importance of discipline as well as responsibility; two great values in group work in any organization.
It does not really matter to the group that it is an online class, since we were able to not only accomplish our set goals but also communicated and coordinated well; just like in the conventional groups. It’s all about knowing your role in the group and what you are supposed to do and at what time. Group work in an online class can be improved by setting clear goals to be met by individuals in the group, setting adequate time especially when all group members are available and making sure there are no disruptions to internet access. Finally, the discussion atmosphere ought to be responsible as well as supportive of all group members. It was really a great learning opportunity, very applicable in my career. Read More
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