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White Paper- Software Testing - Essay Example

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This paper is intended to show the impact that alpha testing has on software during developments or reviews, it brings forth ac case scenario that further highlights the benefits of utilizing this form of testing. Alpha testing is conducted in the developers’ workstation or…
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White Paper- Software Testing
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Download file to see previous pages This section recommends the application of alpha testing to solve the issue in question as it allows the developers to see the test software working in real time in a practical setting. The involved number of test clients should be limited when the software is not yet ready for release either commercially or for open source purposes.
The online application under the alpha test is a web-server application that has been a victim of frequent hacks. As a result, the cost of maintenance has been on the rise and this has lead more time loss which would otherwise have been used developing better versions of the same application. This alpha test utilized prototypes, to test the application in its beta stage, on a weeklong correction meant to regain the faith from the users who feared that their data could be compromised. However, there were no expectations of the software’s full possession in functionality for which it was developed for and specifically for this stage. The reason is because alpha testing is normally conducted to make sure that the application is developed on all core functions and proper acceptance of input to provide output as expected without errors.
Before the customers cloud receive the improved version free of security risks, the developers had to ensure that they provided sufficient improvements as pertains to robustness and sustainability. Such a final product in an application was meant to deliver a positive image for the app. This would lay a strong foundation for the beta testing to confirm acceptability.
Alpha testing was chosen for the sole reason in that it handles the procedure that would meet the expectations of eliminated security risk that was easily conducted by the application developers on a test environment that was controlled to avoid losing code to external competitors who could use it for competition, maliciously. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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White Paper- Software Testing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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