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System development life cycle, in its nature forms, stands to be one of those oldest and however still vastly applied methods in software development and adoption methods in the field of information technology. Even though it has mutated over several years as a result of…
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Plan and Design a Small System Project
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Download file to see previous pages ut at the center the System Development Life Cycle is resilient in its testing and implementation in the business, government and industry architecture. Actually, the System Development Life Cycle has been termed as one of the two dominant application development techniques in today’s world together with prototyping. Thus learning about System Development Life Cycle is still very crucial to students of all centuries.
This article outlines System Development Life Cycle application in a real world health care environment entailing a core component of a sectional hospital care facility. The article may be used as pedagogical equipment in system analysis and design course, or even in an upper division or graduate course as a scenario of implementation of the System Development Life Cycle in practical application. Several aspects have been discussed that include the entire System Development Life Cycle in health care setup.
SDLC has always been part of the information Technology family since the inception of modern digital computers (Wager, Lee, Glaser & Wager, 2009). Systems Analysis and Design course is requisite in various Management Information Systems application programs. Even though such lessons avail an overview of several means of acquiring or developing a software application, at their core such applications still contribute a significant amount of time to System Development Life Cycle as they ought to. As this paper will demonstrate, chronological steps and phases adherence is still an acceptable way of insuring the successful software development. Generally, SDLC has really evolved but at its core it still remains a vast technique used for developing software applications.
Early dissertations of the SDLC upheld the arduous delineation of vital steps or stages to adhere to for any type of software development project (Loretz, 2005). The Waterfall Model is one of the common well-recognized forms of development. In this classic architecture, the technique ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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