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Augmented reality (AR) can be said to be real-time utilisation of information which is in textual, graphical, audio or any other virtual enhancements form, incorporated with real-world items. This is to say that augmented reality optimises and leverages the utilisation of other…
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Augmented Reality
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Essay: Augmented reality Augmented reality (AR) can be said to be real-time utilisation of information which is in textual, graphical, audio or any other virtual enhancements form, incorporated with real-world items. This is to say that augmented reality optimises and leverages the utilisation of other technologies like location, mobility, 3D content imaging and management as well as recognition. Augmented reality is particularly helpful in the mobile setting, since it usually improves the senses of the user through digital instruments allowing quicker decision, making or responses. Whereas adoption of AR in businesses and organisations is still in its early stages, AR technology can be said to have matured to a position where firms can utilise it as an in-house tool to enhance as well as complement business workflow, employee training as well as processes.
Augmented technology assists in business innovation through facilitating real-time making of decisions via virtual visualisation and prototyping of content. Augmented Reality also offers the uppermost advantage to efficiency.AR therefore has got the potential to enhance productivity, offer hands-on experience, make simpler current processes, amplify available information, offer real time accessibility to data, provide new methods to envisage problems as well as solutions and finally improve collaboration. Information technology organisations can make use of AR to not only bridge the digital world but also the physical world as well. Thus Augmented Reality is a unique opportunity for Information Technology to offer leadership so as to improve the firm’s interaction with its in-house user base. Nevertheless, firms have utilised AR for in house functions in the past for particular and limited assignments, developing internal solutions for utilising custom software and hardware. It is expected, in future, that firms will adopt AR, especially with the advent of handheld convenient, affordable devices like tablets and smart phones, thus making in house IR applications extensively available.
Janessa, R. (2014). Augmented Reality Has Broad Business Potential. Gartner , np. Read More
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Augmented Reality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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